It’s ok to walk away.   

You are worthy of a great love. You deserve someone who loves you fully and unconditionally. 
Someone who looks at you like he would do everything possible to make you smile. Who would make sure you are always by his side through anything and everything. That no matter what happens, you are not an option to be thrown to the side.
What you don’t deserve is someone who doesn’t know. Someone who isn’t ready for you. Someone who gives you more questions than answers.
He could be the greatest guy in the world. He could be everything you ever wanted and more. He could treat you better than any guy before. But if he isn’t putting in the same effort as you are, it’s time to step back.
It’s time to take a deep breath, realize he can’t give you what you truly desire even though you are convinced that this is enough for right now..
Walk away. Let him miss you.
Tell him to find you when he’s ready. You two can figure it out when it gets to that point. This separation doesn’t have to be forever if that’s what you need to move on. Because you never know. 
You walking away could open your heart up for someone just as great as him. Someone who treats you just a good, but fights for your heart. Someone who tells you every day just how much you mean to them. How they sleep better with you by their side. How the world finally made sense after meeting you.
You may find yourself in a full-hearted love that will finally make you realize just how much you were missing out on. Because it’s not fair to your heart to be with someone who, right now, doesn’t know how to love you the way you deserve to be loved.
No matter how hard it is or how strong your feelings are for him, don’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t fight for you. 

Don’t stay for a half-hearted love. 
The love who blames circumstance for how much they are willing to put into your relationship. The love who doesn’t ease the anxious questions lingering in the back of your mind every day.
Find the love who loves every inch and crevice of you. Who will fight for the “us,” even if their world seems like absolute chaos. Find the one who will figure out how to keep you an important piece in his life even if they didn’t expect to fall so quickly.
Letting go is not going to be easy.
You are going to feel the pain deep in your soul. But you will get through it even when you are convinced you absolutely never will.
Just feel those emotions and let the wave pass.
You will be okay. Your heart will be okay.
Whether he is the one to eventually love you for a lifetime or if it is some other incredibly wonderful guy, your heart will be ok. You will find the love you deserve. 


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